Our Services

~ Expert witness, evidence and advice to the legal teams of trafficking victims.

~ Training on human trafficking, with particular expertise in Nigerian culture and organised criminal networks.

~ Guidance on investigations into organised human trafficking and advice regarding victim compensation.

~ Advisor to governments on human trafficking including the production of research reports.

~ Media and advocacy, including supporting documentary and film making.

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Human Trafficking

Despite the fact that 134 countries have legislation criminalising trafficking, 20.9 million women, men and children are trapped in forced labour and human trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation, or “modern-day slavery”.

The annual profits from human trafficking are at least US$32 billion.

While trafficking is associated with movement across borders, in fact domestic trafficking accounts for 27% of all detected cases worldwide.

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About Andy Desmond

Andy is an expert in investigating human trafficking for exploitation, with experience of human trafficking in multiple countries.

When a Scotland Yard Detective, Andy was responsible for the first prosecution in Europe of trafficking children out of the UK for sexual exploitation, and of a Nigerian Organised Criminal Network that had used Juju to silence their victims.

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