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Andy Desmond, Director

Andy is an internationally recognised practitioner in the field of investigating organised human trafficking.

Andy’s experience and knowledge comes from over 30 years as a police officer, and detective with New Scotland Yard, and includes investigating and researching Organised Criminal Networks (OCNs) responsible for human trafficking for exploitation into the United Kingdom from: Albania, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Vietnam.


Nigerian human trafficking
Andy has particular expertise in West African organised human trafficking, particularly Nigerian trafficking for sexual exploitation where the victims have been subjected to witchcraft or Juju spiritual oaths.

He pro-actively recovered two Nigerian victims whilst they were in the process of being trafficked to Spain and Greece, and has developed the ability to work closely with victims, enabling them to give verbal evidential accounts in the most challenging of circumstances.


First prosecution in Europe
Andy arrested and successfully prosecuted Anthony Harrison at Woolwich Crown Court in July 2011, leading to a sentence of 20 years. The case was the first prosecution in Europe of:

  • trafficking children out of the United Kingdom for sexual exploitation
  • a Nigerian OCN that had used Juju to silence their victims.


Global expertise
Andy is a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Expert, and has experience of working with local law enforcement agencies or government officials in the UK, the Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Ireland, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UAE and the USA.

Clients include human rights lawyers, ECPAT UK (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), the Dutch Government, the Swiss Federal Office of Police, and UNODC delivering law enforcement training workshops to lawyers, police, government and NGOs in the UAE.

Andy is member of an advisory group to The IPPR (Institute for Public Policy Research) on a major programme of research on irregular and transit migration from sub-Saharan Africa through Morocco to the European Union.


Andy’s work includes:

  • Expert witness, evidence and advice to legal teams for immigration hearings including criminal proceedings.
  • Briefings, workshops and education on human trafficking with particular expertise in Nigerian culture and practise in modern day slavery. Audiences include solicitors, barristers, law enforcement agencies, governments, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
  • Guidance on investigations into organised human trafficking for the purposes of exploitation and advice regarding victim compensation.
  • Advisor to governments on human trafficking for exploitation, including the production of research reports.
  • Media and advocacy, including supporting television documentary and film making on human trafficking and accompanying researchers into the field, and providing television, radio and press interviews.

Andy works closely with victims, social services and NGO’s  enabling them to work with the investigation team, solicitor and support agencies.  He is able to guide the approach to victims and to present expert evidence  at crown court.

In addition Andy gives presentations and workshops to police officers, community groups and other practitioners who work with victims of witchcraft / Juju & human trafficking in order to bring awareness of the issues of this modern-day slave trade.

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