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March 16th, 2012

I am passionate about my subject and committed to making ATC a meaningful tool to fight the horrors of human trafficking.  it is thankfully a subject that is gaining more attention and the more we learn the more horrified we become it seems; man’s inhumanity to man and all that.

My own history in this field came towards the end of my long police service. In 2008 when I was invited to become a member of the Human trafficking Team at New Scotland Yard; the subject was not well known.
When I used to tell people I was on the anti-trafficking unit, they would ask;


“what is a detective doing on the traffic department?”


“No, the anti-human trafficking unit”


They would then start telling me what was wrong with the current state of the government’s immigration policies. I then had to interrupt them and further explain that I worked in the field of anti-human trafficking for the purposes of exploitation. They’d look at me and I could see the blank expression behind the eyes.


“I investigate the modern day slave trade. I arrest human slave traders.”


Then the spark is relit. The most common response was ”is there much of that around these days?”


The answer is always, yes. Far too much sadly.


And so I set up Anti trafficking consultants (ATC) knowing that I could make a difference and provide a service that in the longer term could help and support so many.


  • A conviction today – might deter another abuse
  • A more aware person – might spot abuse and know how to help
  • Media coverage – has the opportunity to make so many more aware


The more aware we all are the more chance we all have of making a real difference in stopping this cruel abuse.
A small step here might just provide a huge difference in the future. So here at ATC we cover all of that and more.
One of the reasons for ATC is to keep that spark of engagement and learning well lit and spread the awareness of human trafficking.


So what makes ATC so different from all of the other websites and anti human trafficking consultants out there?


First of all we are not just talking, ATC is about bringing meaningful services in the field.

Since 2008 I have been investigating and researching human trafficking into the United Kingdom. I have first-hand experience of Eastern European organized crime having carried out investigations in Czech Republic, Albania, Macedonia, and Georgia. I have also worked in Hyderabad, India.


I have been at the forefront of prosecuting human trafficking offences in the United Kingdom. There have been very few prosecutions in the UK that I have not had some form of a role or input over the last four years. However, it is West Africa, Nigeria where my concentration has been.


I have built up an expert knowledge of how the Nigerian youth are recruited in the small rural villages of Edo State, subjected to traditional juju spiritual ceremonies and then forced to work in the sex industry on the streets and massage parlours of Europe. I bring my knowledge and first-hand experience; I was the person responsible for the first successful prosecution in Europe of a Nigerian human trafficker who had controlled his victims by the use of a juju oath of obedience.


I use my experience of working with vulnerable victims to help the victims defeat the juju spiritual hold and then have been able to bring their accounts in evidential form into legal services.


I have intimate knowledge and experience in the field of investigating and researching Nigerian human trafficking and the use of juju / witchcraft.


All these aspects come together to make this site and our services unique.


As this site as it grows we will share some of the learning and make good use of my skills in providing a meaningful service as we come together to challenge this horrific abuse.


If you have queries or comments do get in touch.  Call or drop me an email


Andrew Desmond – Director ATC


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  1. S. says:

    I have worked with Andy in the field of Human Trafficking and he is an energetic, dedicated and knowledgable man. A sad loss to The Met as an investigator but a new voice and useful resource to others in the field now that he has left The Job………

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