JuJu Ceremony

A typical JuJu ceremony


During the ceremony, the victims are told to undress.

This enforces and instills the vulnerability into the victim.

The priest then takes a bowl of fine-grained soot. He carries out incantations over the soot and invokes a spirit to enter and become one with the grains of the soot.

The spirit summoned is one aligned with the demi-god, ‘Eshu’. It is this demi-god that the victim will be forced to make her contract with. He being the youngest and spoilt child of ‘Olodumare’ makes him the best demi-god to use.. He is mischievous, a trickster and will direct the dead-dead spirits to carry out his wishes.

The priest using a razor blade then makes numerous cuts into the skin of the victim. The cuts are deep enough to cause them to bleed.

The wounds are opened up and the soot, containing the spirit is rubbed into the open wound. This allows the spirit to entry into the body of the victim.

The priest then cuts and takes samples of the head hair, underarm and pubic hair from the female. He places these into a vessel. He will then pick up her underwear and put these into the vessel. The vessel is sealed and placed with the shrine.

The victim is then told to stand before an effigy of Eshu. She has to repeat words that are dictated to her by the priest.

This is the oath taking part of the ceremony.

It is here that she promises to pay back any monies to her madam or trafficker; that she will obey everything she is told to do; that she will not run away; she will not tell anybody about her madam or her trafficker.

If she breaks this oath she understands that Eshu will send spirits to punish her and will kill her. Once this oath has been taken a live chicken is killed and it’s chest cut open and the heart removed. The female is then forced to eat the whole heart with a drink of alcohol.

The ceremony is then concluded and she is told to get dressed and to leave the shrine.


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