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Is your client a victim of human trafficking for the purposes of exploitation?

ATC provides an early initial assessment for solicitors if they are unsure if a client is a Potentially Victim of Trafficking (PVoT).

Using our independent experience we can advise what actions you should consider instructing your client to take if they are potentially victims of human trafficking.

Is your client from a EU or Non EU member state?  If so, what impact will that have?

We advise on what considerations you should take into account when dealing with vulnerable clients who may be the victims of Human Trafficking.


Has your client been arrested or charged with a criminal offence?


Could this be a result of being forced to commit crime by another party?

This is an alarmingly regular occurrence for victims of Human trafficking

Common offences include shoplifting, identification document offences, cannabis cultivation, prostitution, drug smuggling.

Are you clear what actions should you take and what expert evidence you need to support your case.

ATC will provide you with a expert report that will support defence evidence.


Immigration cases


Asylum applications are a common component for victims of Human Trafficking.

Has the Home Office refused to identify your client as being a victim of human trafficking due to inconsistencies in their accounts?

We advise solicitors what actions to consider and how ATC can help to support your case.


Has your client been subjected to a religious ceremony?


In all of the cases that might bring your client to you, if they are from West Africa there is a a very real chance that they have been subjected to a religious ceremony that will influence their ability to give evidence and be a reliable witness.

With our expert and in depth knowledge of JuJu and religious ceremonies we are able to assess,  guide, reassure and understand these victims so that the law can be upheld.


Is your client under treat of deportation when you suspect he/she is a victim of human trafficking?


 ATC provides report evidence to support you and your clients application to remain.

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