I wanted to thank you on behalf of Poppy for all your work and the support you have shown for the trafficked women we have worked with. You really took the time to deal with cases sensitively and to gain expert knowledge, in order to understand their fears and motivations.

Sally Montier – The Poppy Project


“I would like to take this opportunity to commend Detective Andy Desmond

This case could only be mounted as a result of a painstaking and dogged investigation. Given the understandable fear of the complainants, the investigating officers’ task was made all more daunting. These days, police officers are often criticized by those who are often not in a position to make an informed judgment.
It is a pleasure for one who is in a position to make such a judgment to do so and say well done to you and to those who have assisted you in your task in ways great or small.

His Honour Judge Shorrock


Congratulations Andy! I applaud your continued commitment to the elimination of human trafficking in Nigeria. It has been a privilege to know you and to observe all the exertions you have made to put the trafficking of Nigerian girls to Europe, particularly the UK, on the front burners of international discourse.

Godwin E Morka Snr
National Agency For Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (NAPTIP) Nigeria


Andy has an amazing depth of knowledge regarding trafficking laws.  He has an enormous amount of passion to make sure the victims are protected, given their rights and given the opportunity to move on from their horrendous ordeals and to make new lives for themselves.

When you combine his passion and his working knowledge of the law it is not surprising that he successfully prosecuted every investigation he ran. 

Andy’s knowledge has ensured that victims who were going to be deported back to their traffickers in their home Countries, were safely and legally able to remain in the UK.

Andy is able to constructively argue for the victims’ rights, which is what we should all be working for. 

I have great admiration for Andy because of his humanity and passion to obtain the best result for the victims he works to save. A lot of victims of trafficking are safer due to his expertise and dedication.”

Steve Harries    Metropolitan Police, SCD9 Human Exploitation & Organised Crime, New Scotland Yard.


I have worked with Andy in the field of Human Trafficking and he is an energetic, dedicated and knowledgable man. A sad loss to The Met as an investigator but a new voice and useful resource to others in the field now that he has left The Job.

Mark Simpson

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