What we do

Anti Trafficking Consultants  – ATC – has been designed at the inspiration of Andrew Desmond in a clear response to the need to bring together in one place services and knowledge that support the challenges faced as we tackle the horror of Human Trafficking.

Andy’s particular area of expertise is West Africa and the use of JuJu to suppress and control predominately women who are  sent around the globe to be exploited as modern day slaves trapped in  servitude, often sexually.

Andy’s had a long and distinguished career as a police officer and spent the last five years of his service as a Detective at New Scotland Yard in London bringing the full force of the law to bear against traffickers.

He now finds himself as a respected expert in the field of Anti Human Trafficking and offers his, and his teams, services to challenge, bring knowledge and afford advice.


Our services


At ATC we adhere to, and promote the global ideal of, the three P’s of challenging Human Trafficking; 


Prevention –  Prosecution – Protection



Prevention – Knowing what to look for, knowing the methods used to enslave, bringing awareness of the types of deceptions used.

Prosecution – Director Andy Desmond brought the first successful prosecution in a Human Trafficking case involving Nigerian JuJu to control victims. We continue to bring expert knowledge and guidance to human rights lawyers to pursue cases.

Protection – Increasing the understanding of these crimes we work towards the rehabilitation of victims to help build new lives in safety.


At ATC we work to provide greater awareness of this global problem by working closely with law enforcement, lawyers and other engaged bodies sharing expert knowledge and deep understanding of human trafficking most especially in relation to West Africa.


ATC offers services to promote the prevention of Human Trafficking.  In the first instance by sharing up to the moment themes and learning to groups and concerned individuals through public speaking and training events and projects.

We work with the legal profession to promote the understanding of victims and the particular difficulties they face when asked to give evidence in any legal setting.

We work with the media in a variety of approaches from support on documentary making,  to help creating authentically voiced scripts through to advising journalists on current awareness particularly in relation to West Africa and JuJu.

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